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Digivizor is at the forefront of mobile app development in the UK because we understand the power of the smartphone. The revolutionary phenomenon which smartphones have introduced, are mobile applications. Mobile apps cannot exist without smartphones, and without apps smartphones are just feature phones only good for calling, messaging and setting an alarm.

The one platform which is used more frequently than any other form of technology today is the smartphone. Anyone who owns a smartphone would agree that the majority of tasks that were previously done on a desktop or laptop computer can now be conveniently done through an app. Functionality is only one aspect and the reach of this technology is also a significant factor to keep in view. In 2020 there are nearly 4 billion smartphone users worldwide, that’s nearly half of the global population.

What Can We Do?

Digivizor develops apps for all popular platforms and with expertise in crafting apps for various purposes we have earned ourselves a position among the top app developers in UK.

Whether you are a business or a service professional, whether you want to generate sales or develop an intra-organizational solution, a mobile app can get you there. We have several clients who are developing apps to more efficiently manage and run their organization and have separate apps which are for clients and end users. The possibilities of what you can do with an app are endless.

Our expert team is fluent in all modern frameworks of app development such as React Native, HTML5 and Objective-C. Armed with a wide variety of knowledge and plenty of experience, you can be assured that we will manufacture an app that not only works, but is very effective in doing its job.

As a master mobile application development firm in UK we are proud to say that we create solutions for iOS, Android and cross platform. Depending on your users and the type of setup you have we can advise you on which platform will yield the most value for your business.

How We Do It?

  1. What is your plan

We work starting from front to back. The very first consideration is the end user, or your client. As our client you are more informed about the tastes and needs of your business clients and what is the best way to address them. Our app developers will learn what you want the app to do for your audience and then using their technical knowledge will suggest the best route to get there.

  1. Learning From Competitors And The Market

Our research involves not only looking at what solutions competitors are providing but also doing homework on the product or service itself. In this manner we learn about the market in which you products or services will be launched, the history of the market and what the future may look like.

  1. A Grey Structure

Before executing all our research we make a prototype of your required app. This app will resemble the final product but will be a bare bone structure intended only to demonstrate functionality. Here we can tweak, adjust and modify every aspect of the app before it is forwarded to final production.

  1. Launch

Having used the prototype we get in to the actual manufacturing process of the app. Adding in all the fine details and integrating all components to make the final product. After complete assembly we have thorough testing. Any troubleshooting and final changes which need to be made are done in this testing phase. We can even have a beta version deployed to test on different platforms for full functionality.

If you are looking for a top notch mobile app development company in UK Digivizor is the way to go.

We are there to assist post-production as well and offer a range of maintenance services to keep your app up and running for the future.

Application Development
Application Development