PPC management can prove to be very beneficial and profitable for business if used correctly. PPC stands for Pay Per Click and is a form of lean advertisement for businesses. These are ads that you may have noticed at the top and bottom of search results pages. Services such as Google Adwords and Bing Ads utilize this method of advertising to give business accurate marketing and charge them depending on the efficiency of the ads. As the name suggests the client whose ads are running will only be charged per click, whenever a user actually pursues the links they see.


PPC Management


Just like any other form of management this technique can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. You may be looking to develop more brand awareness, generating higher leads and sales or you may want to expand into newer markets and sectors. Having the correct PPC protocol behind your campaign is what will coordinate which direction your efforts go in. Our PPC agency can help you formulate the appropriate strategy to achieve your goals at the lowest cost per click. Our PPC company in London can manage your entire PPC campaign and create monthly reports so you can see how your business is benefitting from the PPC project.


Why We Are The Best PPC Agency


At Digivizor we offer a complete range of PPC tools and services that ensures that you won’t need any third-party players to help you in this arena.


  • PPC Audits



This is the fundamental step of any successful PPC campaign in which our first step is to identify the audit objective and make a thorough checklist. Then we populate a list of all the ads that you want to run and set up conversion tracking so you know what ROI you are getting from each ad. The goal of this audit is to make data analysis easy and quick so you can decide what you want to do with the ads that are set up.


  • SEO Funneling



We employ SEO together with social network tools to drive traffic to the links you want users to click on make your campaign successful.


  • Display Advertising



We will manage your ads so that they show up in front of an audience that has already shown an interest in your service or product. Finding the right users to pitch your portfolio to will significantly improve ROI.


  • Recycling Interested Audience



We take your ads to the users who have already visited your site and are most likely to take action when marketed to. This also helps in improving ROI and gains the most out of the target audience pool.

  • Google And Bing Services


We are experts in the ad services of both Google and Bing and we can optimize your campaign so that it makes the most out of these platforms. No need to look for a separate Adwords agency.

How Will This Benefit You?

As a PPC company, our objective is to make your business grow through your ads. We create monthly reports which portray the success of your keyword choice and the kind of text that your ads display. We also deliver a rank report which will show you where your keywords rank in terms of organic reach. Our PPC agency is also available to explain to you how all of these rank reports and search results translate into your business performance. All of this combined will make it possible for you to steer your PPC efforts in the direction your business needs to achieve its goals.